Bloomberg: Nokia definitely in talks with Microsoft, partnership likely (update: WSJ, too)

Nokia will jump from the burning platform this Friday, but whither will it dive? Towards Microsoft and Windows Phone 7, as continually rumored, or towards Google and Android? Two turkeys told us the latter isn't likely, and Bloomberg's anonymous sources seem to agree, saying that Nokia is indeed in the final stages of talks with Microsoft, and is "close to announcing a software partnership." These spooks also say that Google was also in the running, but is no longer favored for the job, and as such we're very likely to see Windows Phone 7 running on Nokia devices soon. We're sure you'll have some very strong opinions about that -- we had a few ourselves -- but please keep it clean in comments below!

Update: The Wall Street Journal just published a report of its own, by and large saying pretty much the same thing as BW. "If an agreement can be reached in time... Elop likely would announce the deal Friday." The report also said an executive shakeup might be in the works, with "several senior members of the executive board expected to leave." Show of hands, who all's excited for Friday's announcement?