Google's Vic Gundotra on Nokia: 'Two turkeys do not make an Eagle' (updated)

Well, well. Just after Nokia CEO Stephan Elop's "burning platform" memo leaked out and prompted intense speculation that Nokia would start building Windows Phone 7 handsets, Google's Vic Gundotra tweeted "Two turkeys do not make an Eagle" prefaced with a #feb11 hashtag -- the same day as Nokia's Capital Markets Day event in London. That's some pretty serious trash talk, and we'd say it pretty much takes an Android tie-up off the table -- we doubt anyone from Google would run around calling Nokia a "turkey" if they were actually partners. Then again, Vic could just be talking about some extremely disturbing genetic engineering research he plans to unveil on Friday -- really, anything is possible with Google.

Oh snap. Our friend Seth Weintraub at Fortune just reminded us that there's some serious history behind "two turkeys do not make an eagle" -- it's what former Nokia VP Anssi Vanjoki said in 2005 about BenQ buying Siemens's failing handset business. (Ouch.) Of course, Vanjoki also just said that using Android is like peeing in your pants for warmth, so we suppose Gundotra's been waiting for some payback -- although his timing's a little off, since Vanjoki just made a very public exit from Nokia after being denied the CEO job, Still, though -- is any burn sweeter than the obscure European handset business history burn? We don't think so.