HP's TouchPad shipping with webOS 3.0, Veer and Pre 3 with webOS 2.2

Palm HP didn't bother mentioning the webOS versions during its 'Think Beyond' event today, but based on a little fine print on the outfit's official Touchstone portal, we've learned that the TouchPad will ship with webOS 3.0 (a heretofore unheard of build), while the Veer and Pre 3 will get going with webOS 2.2. That said, the incredible Tap-to-Share functionality that'll enable these slates and phones to converse with one another will also support "webOS 2.2 or higher" on the phones, suggesting that an update could be in the waiting. We'll keep you updated as we hear more, but for now, peek a video of the whole family getting cozy after the break.

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