Sony announces A700 replacement, the A77, will ship this year

We've been hearing rumors about a mystical, magical A700 replacement since last year, and now Sony's gone ahead and made things more official. The teaser image shows a transparent case, but the bigger news here is the transparent mirror, the same as found last year on the A55 and A33. This allows for advanced, real-time autofocus while capturing stills or HD video. Behind that mirror will be an Exmor CMOS sensor and, while Sony isn't saying how many pixels it'll be packing, expectations are that it will fall in the 20 megapixel range. Sony has also announced a new battery grip and a new flash for the camera though details are slim on those as well. All are slated to ship "later this year," giving you plenty of time to make room in your camera bag -- and maybe your budget.