NPD: Seven reasons to expect industry growth in 2011

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NPD: Seven reasons to expect industry growth in 2011
DICE 2011 attendees gathered today to hear NPD analyst Anita Frazier present an optimistic snapshot of consumer trends in the future, offering a tidy set of good fortunes that were, unfortunately, not hidden in crunchy little cookies (with just a hint of citrus). There was no crystal ball in sight, either, just a reasonable forecast for coming sunshine on what have been somewhat dark days for the industry as of late.

Topping Frazier's list of "reasons why Gaming will grow in 2011" (over 2010) is an improved economy, in which consumers will be looking to spend. Much of the rest of the list is filled out with her expectations for just what consumers will be spending on, including smartphone gaming, digital products (DLC and social games, specifically) and motion-controlled games (with the greater adoption of motion technology). Frazier also expects increased internet connectivity and speeds to generate more impulse buying, and she indicates advergaming as a key non-consumer revenue source for industry growth this year.

Frazier's most bullish expectation, however, is how "extremely excited" she is about the Nintendo 3DS, which she proclaims is "an amazing example of how technology is really going to drive an amazing, immersive consumer experience." And print money, she figures.
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