Motorola Xoom up for pre-order at Best Buy this Thursday... for $1,199? (update)

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|02.13.11

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Motorola Xoom up for pre-order at Best Buy this Thursday... for $1,199? (update)
What the what?! Best Buy has just put up word on when you can pre-order the Motorola Xoom -- this coming Thursday, February 17th -- and a price, $1,199. There are "great" financing offers available, but we can't get over this price we're seeing. Our only hope is that this may be a placeholder number, which will get revised soon, though it's live on Best Buy's site and there's nothing to really indicate it's a mistake. Moreover, that 1-month data activation requirement we noted recently is indeed real, meaning you'll need to pay a levy to Verizon as well before you get your Android 3.0 groove on.

[Thanks, Joe and Magid]

Update: We've heard rumblings that this is indeed just a place holder -- much like the way other companies price products they don't want to sell at ridiculous levels -- and the final price will indeed be the $800 we've heard most consistently to this point.

Update 2: Best Buy's listing has entirely disappeared. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in]
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