Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 looks like a new Android PMP

What happened when Samsung's phone division gobbled up the media player team? We're pretty sure you're looking at it right now -- the YP-MB2 / Galaxy Player 50 is now formally known as the Galaxy S WiFi 4.0, and it's big bad brother the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is pictured immediately above. While we can't actually tell you much about the SIM-less smartphone other than hazard guesses at front-facing camera, HDMI port, microSD card slot and (given naming conventions) a 5-inch screen, we can tell you that the 4.0-inch version of the device is now sporting Samsung's Super Clear LCD. We're expecting the company to unveil these any hour now in Barcelona, so keep your eyes peeled for further coverage at MWC.

[Thanks, Kin-Yip]