Baldness cure is no reason to quit a'stressin

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If you think of baldness as a disease then you'll want to pay close attention to some research that's being conducted in collaboration with teams from UCLA, the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and the Oregon Health and Sciences University. The group seems to have accidentally stumbled on the cure for baldness while researching the relationship between stress and the gastrointestinal tract. The teams were testing the effects of a peptide called "astressin-B" on mice genetically engineered to be hyper-stressed (and bald as a result). Miraculously, the bald mice regrew the lost hair and the respect of women who drive Minis. They even maintained the re-hair for up to four months after receiving just one dose a day for five consecutive days -- that's 20 percent of a mouse's two-year lifespan. Oh sure, the regrowth was on their backs but we're sure they'll sort out your preference for location by the time this begins human trials.
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