CCP taking the first steps into EVE's Incarna

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CCP taking the first steps into EVE's Incarna
In the minds of some EVE Online players, Incarna occupies shelf space with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and new episodes of Firefly. However, according to a new dev blog from CCP Chilled, players will indeed have the ability to pop out of their pods and flop around on an in-game couch before long. The best part for those who love testing: it should be on Singularity before FanFest. This will give players a chance to check it out -- and prepare questions for the devs -- before the party at the top of the world begins. For those who don't care for monkeying with the test server, we could see the changes go live on Tranquility by summer.

The upcoming deployment will add Captain's Quarters to EVE Online for new players and vets alike. When docked at a station, players will show up on a balcony connected to their quarters and be able to look up at the grandeur and majesty (or duct-tape and bondo) of their ships. All the normal functionality of docking will be present, and the developers have stated that there won't be any major differences in terms of docking time. For those curious about this first step towards Incarna, be sure to pop over to the CCP blog and check out the meaty details of the post.
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