Sprint talks seriously about LTE, suggests it could complement WiMAX

We've already heard Sprint do some talking about LTE at Mobile World Congress this week, but the company's Senior Vice President of Networks, Bob Azzi, has now gone even further in an interview with PC World, where he seems to have suggested that a switch to LTE is all but inevitable. In fact, Azzi is reported to have said that "with the spectrum holdings we have, WiMAX is not an option," and he further went on to note that even with Sprint's majority stake in Clearwire, it still only has "indirect ownership" of Clearwire's spectrum holdings. So what's it going to do? Azzi suggested that an LTE network which complements its current WiMAX network might be the answer, and he even suggested that we could see tri-band LTE phones with a WiMAX radio "velcroed on." He did, of course, point out that no decision has been made just yet, simply stating that "the question is how to keep growing," and that "it's about having a plan."