AirStash beta adds support for WebDAV and iPad apps

Chris Ward
C. Ward|02.18.11

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The Airstash: It's a Flash Drive, it's a media server...

Not content with effectively adding unlimited storage to your iPhone and iPad, AirStash developer Wearable Inc. is introducing a public beta of the ability to read and write iWork files via WebDAV, making it easier to take your work with you wherever you go.

AirStash is a WiFi-connected flash drive reader. You can connect to it via Safari from your portable device or plug it into a USB port on your main computer, allowing you to expand your iDevice's storage to as many SD cards as you can carry.

It's a little expensive for a flash reader at US$99.99, and this new beta version of the software still has a few rough edges with regard to things like entering WEP keys and photo viewing. But if you're the sort of person who simply has to take your entire movie collection with you everywhere you go, it could be just the ticket.

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