Caption Contest: Obama has dinner with tech industry CEOs

Barack Obama is a president well known for being in touch with technology, so it's no surprise to see him wining and dining the industry's biggest decision makers. Larry Ellison, Eric Schmidt, Carol Bartz, Mark Zuckerberg, and yes, even Steve Jobs joined el presidente for an informal dinner on Thursday to discuss important things like jobs, education, and research spending. We're not here for that, though, we're here to drop zingers about one all-powerful dude and his big-time CEO buddies.

Thomas: "Here's to project Soylent Green."
Joe: "This sure beats the Four Loko Summit we held last summer on the White House lawn."
Chris: "So let's just jam through this dinner real quick."
Josh T: "I hope no one authorizes a 'kill switch' on this party."
Paul: "At this very moment we're millions of miles from a doomed planet Earth!"
Nilay: "Gentlemen, Ballmer has neutralized the Finnish threat."
Richard Lai: "Drink up, kids -- it's Dance Central time!"
Tim: "Zuck, it's like Final Club, except with the President."