Prius Online teaser website, beta signup countdown go live

There's a new free-to-play game from gPotato on the horizon, and the company is leading into the Prius Online closed beta with a spiffy new teaser website. In a press release earlier this morning, gPotato touted the upcoming title as the "first free-to-play cinematic MMORPG," and said it "pushes the boundaries of free-to-play gaming" by virtue of its storyline, gameplay, and a three-playable-character system that enables gamers to control Adventurers, Anima companions, and a mysterious third party called a Giga.

The full (and forthcoming) Prius website will play host to lore features, artwork, and videos, while the current countdown timer heralds the coming of closed beta signups which will be available between Friday, March 4th and Sunday, March 13th.