Double XP returning to Aion, kicks off February 23rd

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|02.19.11

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Double XP returning to Aion, kicks off February 23rd
Every day is a good day for double XP, particularly in grind-heavy games like NCsoft's Aion. Even though players of the Korean import enjoyed a week of bonus experience just recently, the powers-that-be are turning a benevolent eye towards Daevas yet again. In addition to the progression double dip, Aion will feature a Gateway Getaway event that will enable players to enter instances regardless of faction fort ownership.

If you've been unable to run Besh for awhile due to those nasty Asmodians/Elyos hogging the ground forts, you'll be happy to know that from Wednesday, February 23rd through Wednesday, March 9th, you're free to enter Silentera Canyon (and Upper Abyss forts and Abyssal Splinter) whenever you darn well please. The double XP runs through the same dates, so mark your calendars and check out the official Aion website for all the details.
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