WowWee's Light Strike makes laser tag look more like Paper Jamz

WowWee, the same folks who brought you Paper Jamz, are giving yet another American leisure-time institution a makeover, and this time they've set their sights on laser tag. Carrying over the Paper Jamz aesthetic, Light Strike aims to "bring video game action into the real-world" with a set of laser tag guns and accessories that sport fingerprint ID, long-range LED targeting, built-in health and ammo meters, and the ability to play with up to four teams of unlimited size. The game's stable of weapons includes Light Strike's signature gun, the Assault Striker, a machine gun bipod with recoil action, a scope attachment with 100-foot range, and a grenade launcher that can shoot groups of enemies down in a single shot. Now, who's going to lead the campaign to make the Assault Striker the official gun of the 2012 Olympic Pentathalon? Light Strike is set for an August 2011 launch with guns starting at about $40, but you can get a very dramatic preview after the jump.