Activision and Sega show off Wappy Dog dogbot / Nintendo DS game at Toy Fair 2011

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Toy Fair 2011 isn't quite as big a deal as say, CES or MWC, but it still has its fair share of nifty plaything gadgets. One jewel of the show is Sega's Wappy Dog toy that interfaces with Activision's Nintendo DS title of the same name. In what amounts to the logical evolutionary conclusion of the artist formerly known as Tamagotchi, Wappy Dog allows folks to communicate with their digital pets not only via the DS, but also by playing with and training their pooch's robotic doppelgänger. After playing with DS Wappy, the game automatically syncs up with the toy bot to keep it from developing multiple personality disorder. Though currently a prototype, the toy can dance (hopefully with a little more flava than its iDog cousin), whine, and bark in response to your child's interactions, and is slated for a release this fall at an unknown price point. No need to thank us for finding your next family pet.
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