The Sega iDog from Hasbro

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Paul Miller
December 14th, 2005
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The Sega iDog from Hasbro image
The Sega iDog from Hasbro image

Be sure to remember the dancing impaired on your list this holiday season: some people just don't gots the moves to jive to their own music, and that's why they need the Sega iDog from Hasbro to do it for them. They can just hook this $30 cutie up to their iPod or other audio player and watch him flash his LEDs and waggle to the music. He also brings his own tunes, but he's as equally content to hang out and be petted and such, just like those annoyingly lovable virtual pets of yore. Should be the perfect gift for anyone who has ever nursed such an addiction, and might make a better companion than some iPod case.

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