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Vizio starts celebrating 2010 LCD sales wins early, has bigger plans for 2011

Industry analysts will reveal all the numbers later this week but according to Vizio its LCD HDTVs have outsold all others, again. Specifically, it has again rated as the #1 seller of LCDs in North America according to DisplaySearch and #1 seller of LCDs in the US according to iSuppli by carving out a 27.6% share of the market, the largest for any seller since 2004. We spoke with Randy Waynick, Vizio's chief sales officer (and star of that tablet-exposing Rose Bowl ad) and found Vizio's telling a very different tale about HDTV sales in 2010 than some of the competition.

In contrast to lower than expected sales from other manufacturers and retailers last year, especially when it came to 3D televisions and connected TV products, he claims demand was so high for the new Theater 3D HDTV with passive glasses they couldn't keep it in stock. He also attributed much of the sales growth to its strategy of offering higher end tech like local dimming LED backlighting and WiFi built in at lower prices than the competition, and plans to use its position as a market leader to push technology initiatives -- like passive 3D screens, where he echoed LG's claims that it tested far better than active shutter 3D with customers -- rather than follow them. Among some of us in the home theater community there's still, deserved or undeserved, a perception of the company as simply a cheap, low end manufacturer that's not as reliable as others but with results like these it looks like the rest of the market will be the ones with something to prove in 2011.