Xtreamer Ultra HTPC launching with Ion 2, 200 Euro price point

Name recognition? Ah, who cares? Particularly when you're hawking an Ion 2-based media PC for €100 €200 Xtreamer -- the same folks responsible for the e-TRAYz NAS -- is gearing up to unveil its latest concoction at CeBIT 2011, but it looks as if most of the beans have already been spilled. It's billed as a portable HTPC, and it can be ordered with a dual-core Atom D525 / Ion 2, up to 4GB of DDR3 memory, HDMI / DVI outputs, six USB ports, an eSATA socket, Bluetooth, WiFi, gigabit Ethernet and support for IR control. Predictably, that low (low!) price point doesn't include an operating system, but at least that gives you the option to slap whatever you want on there. If you're looking for a TV tuner or optical drive, you'll need to turn to external options, but those looking for a barebones system to build on should be able to procure one in a matter of weeks. That is, if the Boxee Box doesn't lure you in while you wait.

Update: Seems as if the final retail price is actually going to be set at €200, which simultaneously makes a lot more sense and makes us wish it weren't true.

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