PlayStation hackers reportedly able to unban selves, ban others, turn tables

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|02.22.11

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PlayStation hackers reportedly able to unban selves, ban others, turn tables
Just last week Sony said that those found to have hacked their PlayStation 3 consoles would have their PlayStation Network access "terminated permanently." Harsh words that, unsurprisingly, weren't too warmly received by the hacking community. Destructoid is now reporting that not only have those tinkerers found a way to unban themselves, but that they can in turn ban any other console they want. There's apparently a catch, though, with the hackers having to know the unique ID assigned to the other console that they'll be banning, which makes this sound like perhaps the hack is simply swapping a "good" ID onto a "bad" console, but at this point we have no details on the supposed procedure here. Regardless, if some random girl with a cute avatar hits you up on IM and, after a few minutes of casual conversation, asks you for the serial number on your PS3, think twice before handing over those digits.

Update: We were a little leery about this given Destructoid's lack of a source, and thanks to a note from reader Omega we now have what looks to be the actual source -- indeed this all is sounding rather theoretical.
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