Joe Danger devs working on new game, hiring

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Joe Danger devs working on new game, hiring
joe danger
Live in the UK and looking to work somewhere with an adorable logo? Nope, we're not talking about Cadbury -- Joe Danger dev house Hello Games is looking for a new tester, and this new tester will spend all of his or her time making sure the studio's next, unannounced title is up to snuff.

The Hello Games blog asks that said tester "loves gaming, is hard working, ambitious and enjoys learning," though it doesn't necessarily require all applicants to be super experienced. "You'll be testing our latest games day-to-day, but you'll also be exposed to things that will astound you ... think of it as a gateway drug for the games industry," it reads. We have to imagine, if Hello Games is the "gateway drug," presumably AAA, 3D, and motion titles are soon to follow -- a dark path indeed!
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