Motorola Xoom now available for purchase straight from Verizon, no data activation required (updated)

Oh yes, the world's first Android Honeycomb tablet really is here now. As Verizon announced earlier, you can snag a Motorola Xoom for $599.99 with a two-year contract, or splash out $799.99 for just the LTE-ready device. Alas, the WiFi-only version is nowhere to be seen just yet, but maybe some will show up in the stores later if not tomorrow, so hold on to your personal hotspot devices and keep believing. Either way, in case you're still indecisive over this 10-inch goodness, maybe our review will help.

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Update: Verizon's been in touch to inform us of a policy change: customers who purchase the off-contract Xoom will now no longer need to be on a month to month plan. That said, we still see "Month to Month" as a compulsory option at the time of updating this post.