Motorola Xoom will get LTE in 'approximately 90 days,' requires one week for hardware upgrade (updated)

When will the Motorola Xoom, ahem, justify its price point with a dose of Verizon's speedy LTE? According to an allegedly leaked Verizon document at Droid-Life, it seems we'll see it by the end of May. You can read the rest for yourself immediately above, but if you have an aversion to JPEG images we'll also spell out the salient points here: the upgrade will reportedly be completely free, including shipping; both hardware and software tweaks will be carried out by Motorola; and the whole process will take up to six business days. If these facts are all correct (and we don't honestly doubt a one), you should see them mirrored at our more coverage link in the days to come.

Update: The official Xoom LTE upgrade site is now live confirming that the process will take six business days to complete after shipping it off to Verizon in a FedEx box, free of charge. Unfortunately, VZW won't say exactly when the upgrade will be available, going only so far as to say "shortly after launch."