Samsung Captivate update to Froyo pegged for tomorrow, February 24th (update: HTC Aria update coming 'very soon')

One false alarm is bad enough, but two would be positively evil, wouldn't it? We're cautiously optimistic that Samsung and AT&T are serious this time about posting the Captivate's update to Android 2.2 starting tomorrow, another step in Sammy's long, drawn-out road to getting all of its promised Galaxy S upgrades out the door. We're sure owners are going to appreciate some of the simple pleasures in life that Froyo (and Gingerbread) owners have come to take for granted like being able to move apps to external storage... and it's all just hours away. Can you feel the excitement?

Update: in an official Facebook video just posted, AT&T mentions that it's already in the process of testing a Froyo upgrade for the HTC Aria as well -- and it should be coming "very soon."