Toyota to start selling home battery chargers in 2012, sate the electrical appetites of the Prii

We've seen the plug-in Prius (a few times, actually), but what we hadn't seen was how Toyota planned to get the juice from the grid to its car until now. Turns out, the automaker plans to sell home battery chargers starting in 2012 so that buyers of PHEV Prii can fully take advantage of that plug in the front fender. The chargers come in two flavors: one for the garage and one for the exterior of your home, and will cost upwards of ¥200,000 ($2411) fully installed, making it quite a bit more than GM's $2000 Voltec charging station. The good news for us all is that Toyota's charger uses the same SAE J1772 plug found in the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, so we're hopefully just weeks away from the first-ever EV charger price wars. Popcorn grabbing seems a must given the circumstances.