What's in a Name: TimeGate Studios

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|02.23.11

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What's in a Name: TimeGate Studios
Timegate Studios
Most of the time, company names are obscure enough that we have no clue what their origin is. In the case of TimeGate Studios we always thought we had a fairly good idea, but, as it happens, we were just letting our Richard Dean Anderson obsession cloud our judgment.

Joystiq: So, TimeGate. You were just watching a lot of Stargate, right?

TimeGate Studios head Adel Chaveleh: "The concept was that we had a lot of different ideas for game types -- there was fantasy-themed, WWII-themed, sci-fi. Basically, as a company, we want to kind of be a portal to our fans and to ourselves to different worlds and universes. So TimeGate was the name that we came up with that seemed to kind of communicate that. Ironically, it played out exactly that way. It's like, fantasy with Kohan, and Axis & Allies is WWII, and here we are with our own sci-fi franchise [Section 8]. I'm trying to think of what other time periods we can go to, but we'll see I guess." [laughs]

TimeGate Studios' next title, Section 8: Prejudice, will be available for download on PC, 360 and PS3 this year.

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