Screen Grabs: Dr. Dre video for 'I Need a Doctor' features HP Touchpad, Pre 3, weird Dr. Dre floating in a glass tube

If you have pleasant memories from your youth of a Dr. Dre in happier times, chilling with Snoop somewhere in LBC doing things we can't discuss on a family-friendly site such as this... well, you're in for a bit of a shock to the system with this latest video. The clip for I Need a Doctor -- which is really more of a short film -- features a brutally mangled Ferrari 360 Modena, Skylar Grey, and an angry Eminem (is there any other kind of Eminem?) yelling at Dr. Dre while suspended in some sort of creepy life-supporting fluid. Oh, but let us fast forward to the technology angle: Dre's already hooked up with HP for Beats, and the trend continues here with the appearance of a Touchpad and Pre 3 doing a little Touch to Share action around the 4:20 mark. Follow the break for video.

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