Engadget reader meetup tonight in San Francisco at 6:30PM PST! Win a limited edition gold Xoom!

That's right human beings -- it's happening again! The Engadget crew is getting together their best party outfits and shipping out west for another installment of our fabulous reader meetups. Our last event in NYC drew loads of people and was an all around blast, and the San Francisco installment is sure to be just as explosive (or maybe more? c'mon... show us what you've got). This time around we're partnering with Sprint, as well as Sony PlayStation, Motorola, HP, Roku, Samsung, VUDU, RIM, Sling, Sonos, HTC, Corning, Sphero, OnLive, Plantronics, Snapstick, and more to bring you a night of gadget geeking, delicious foodstuffs, and some awesome music (provided by none other than our podcast producer, Trent Wolbe). Also, a whole mess of the Engadget editors will be on hand to entertain and inform, so if you have any pressing questions -- jot them down! Oh, and don't forget to include the hashtag #EngadgetSF in your tweets!

And did we mention there will be tons of serious giveaways for people in attendance? Because there will be. You seriously don't want to sleep on this. For instance, one lucky attendee to the event will walk away with a super limited edition gold Xoom (being gifted to this year's Oscar nominees). Check out an image and info after the break!

The all ages shindig will take place tonight, February 25 at City View at The Metreon, which is located conveniently in downtown SF. If you're a nerd in the city, you most likely already know what we're talking about. The doors will open at 6:30PM, and capacity is limited to 1200 people -- so if you want to get inside, get there early!

Update: A quick update on where to go -- the line is forming at 4th Street and Mission. Yes, there will be a line, but word is Sonos has brought a taco truck! Yes, free tacos starting at 3pm! [Scratch that, taco-palooza begins at 4:30!]

Above, just one of the many giveaways -- a special, limited edition Xoom in gold. Here's what Motorola has to say about it: The limited edition gold Motorola XOOM in a custom leather envelope case is being provided to an exclusive group of stars--the hosts and nominees for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director.