Lots of App Store sales going on this weekend

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|02.25.11

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Mike Schramm
February 25th, 2011
Lots of App Store sales going on this weekend

I can't think of anything really special about this weekend (though GDC is coming up next week), but quite a few app developers have put their apps on sale for some reason. Here are some of the deals in Apple's App Stores this weekend:

  • 148Apps has a list of free apps, including an interesting card game called Shadow Era.
  • Gameloft has put its whole library on sale, more or less, for just 99 cents each.
  • iSlash is completely free over the weekend.
  • The great Lemmings-like Spirits (and its iPad counterpart) are on sale for 99 cents as well.
  • The minimalist writing app, WriteRoom, is on sale on the Mac App Store for just $4.99. It's usually $24.99, but this sale is a great deal, designed for those who already have a WriteRoom license to transfer their purchase over to the MAS.
  • An app called FX Photo Studio has dropped its price to 99 cents, and Translation Fire, which will do a variety of translations for you, is free for the next few days.
  • Finally, Grokion, which does a pretty good impression of a Metroid game on iOS, has also gone free for GDC.
  • Here's one more late arrival: Battleheart is on sale for the amazing price of 99 cents. That's a must-buy at that price -- here's why.

Some great deals in there for sure. As always, stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages, as we tweet and share great App Store sales and deals all the time.

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