Panasonic GF2 crashes the Engadget reader meetup, collects a gallery of memories / sample images

Our reader meetup this past Friday in San Francisco was infiltrated by a somewhat unusual assailant, Panasonic's GF2 Micro Four Thirds shooter. Sporting a new, significantly thinner, pancake lens primed at 14mm with a maximum F2.5 aperture, this eminently portable camera managed to sneak into the building while concealed inside one of our editors' jacket pockets. As we've said before, the major difference between the GF2 and the GF1 for us is that the new model really feels like a compact point-and-shoot, to the point of making us forget that it has a DSLR-sized sensor within it. We've put together the following galleries, which were mostly shot in the fully automatic mode, to give you a taste of how Panasonic's latest handles the challenges of a poorly lit nighttime scene, on the one hand, and a gorgeous sunny day, on the other. Enjoy!