Live from the Engadget reader meetup in San Francisco (live video!)

Have you heard? We're having a party tonight and you are invited! If you happen to be in San Francisco, we'll be here at The Metreon playing with the latest gadgets from loads of companies, including Sony, Motorola, HTC, HP, and Jawbone. It all starts at 6:30PM and goes until 10:30PM. Oh, and did we mention there's awesome music and a taco truck parked outside? As you can see, the line is already around the corner, but there's plenty of room. If you can't make it, we'll be liveblogging and uploading tons of pictures in this very post. All the details on how to get here and what to expect can be found right here.

10:01PM We're about to wrap up here. Thanks for tuning into the livestream!

9:46PM So many giveaways!

9:45PM Bros Cobbing Bros!

8:46PM Guy love.

8:25PM Mystery man, emeritus.

8:24PM Giveaways, round one.

8:04PM We're kicking off the giveaways! Are YOU ready!?

8:02PM And the Diet Coke is just flowing...

7:33PM Official Engadget CES 2011 jam playing right now! Rihanna ft Drake – What's My Name (Chopped... and screwed)! You know, you want to listen!

7:11PM Shiny happy people.

7:03PM Don't feed the Engadget editors!

6:55PM Some of our younger readers.

6:53PM And they're in!

6:37PM And yes, HTC brought the new Merge and Arrive! Hands-on here and here.

6:25PM We're just about ready inside. These gadgets are just begging to be touched...

6:14PM Man, the line outside is crazy! There were a few issues getting the taco truck parked (yes, they did a U-turn in the middle of the street), but it's up and running now!