TUAW's Daily App: Sky Combat

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|03.03.11

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TUAW's Daily App: Sky Combat

I can't say that I'd call a top-down arcade shooter the best fit for the iPhone's touchscreen, but in the case of Chillingo's Sky Combat, it works. You drag a finger around the screen, guiding an auto-firing chopper through quite a few different maps of various forces, attacking and defending from rockets and constantly grabbing upgrades and score. The graphics are 2D, but it looks great, with plenty of fiery explosions to go along with the realistic vehicles.

With a full campaign of ten missions, a single mission mode, an endless mode, three difficulty levels to play with and full Crystal and OpenFeint integration, Sky Combat is packed to the gills with extra features. There's a 1.1 update on the way, and there are a total of four different control schemes, so however you want to play it, you can. It's an excellent game, a more than respectable scrolling shooter for the iPhone and a bargain at just US$0.99.

Chillingo has made a reputation for providing great games like this, and I got to see a few more of their upcoming titles at GDC this week. Stay tuned for a preview of those, as well as an interview with the company's executives.

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