EasySign iPhone app halts the print / sign / email cycle, trees everywhere celebrate

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.04.11

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EasySign iPhone app halts the print / sign / email cycle, trees everywhere celebrate
All together now: "flippin' finally!" For anyone in the business world who has been blocked from receiving information due to the inability to locate a printer, ink pen, scanner, publicly available PC, a working printer driver and a fifth of Jack, say hello to your savior. EasySign is a delightfully simple new iOS app (yeah, we're already begging for an Android port) that solves a painful problem, and it should make signing documents on the go a whole heck of a lot easier for those who tote iPhones. The concept is simple: you download the document you're supposed to sign right onto your iPhone, and then you use your finger to enter your John Hancock. It'll stamp whatever date you want onto the form, and with a simple button press, it's converted to a PDF and shot back to the sender. We'd probably recommend using the stock black ink, but it seems that a few color options are available for those who prefer to roll a bit more casually. Head on past the break for a demo, and then hit that iTunes link for a free trial. Once you send three documents, you'll need to pony up $4.99 for another 20 docs (a $9.99 unlimited version is coming soon). But hey, given that petrol looks like a steal compared to your average inkjet cartridge, you'll probably still come out ahead.

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