Istaria's development team looks back and forges ahead

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|03.04.11

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Istaria's development team looks back and forges ahead
For a lot of gamers, Istaria's main point of fame is the fact that it's the game in which you can play as a dragon, which is a bit reductive of the game as a whole, a game that underwent significant changes and improvements over the past year. A retrospective was recently put together by the development team to highlight the upgrades that the game has seen, including a revamped mid-game content band and a general re-evaluation of some of the less clear-cut quest objectives.

But there's always room to improve, something the team is acutely aware of. In a companion piece, the core principles of the game are outlined along with design goals for the next year, including greater integration between the bipedal and draconic potions of the game, more connection between adventurers and crafters, and a broad enhancement to keeping the first few moments in the game as memorable as possible. Istaria fans should be happy to see the design goals stated so openly, and it's to the team's credit that it's aiming high for this year's patches.

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