New Chrome OS update finally fixes the Cr-48's touchpad issues

Updated ·1 min read

Google's Chrome OS, and thus the Cr-48, has seen a lot of updates and big fixes since we took a hard look at it back in December, but the wonky touchpad, which we seriously struggled with, hasn't exactly seen much love. That is, until today. The most recent Chrome OS update, which now brings it to version, includes new "trackpad and sensitivity settings," and it definitely makes a world of difference. We updated ours just a couple of moments ago and lots of the issues -- namely the jumpy cursor and the flaky scrolling -- have been mended. Thanks to the fresh software, we had a much easier time highlighting text and scrolling down the length of this very website. That said, the touchpad still isn't as responsive as what you get with Apple's MacBooks or Synaptics ClickPad Series 3, and that's because the physical hardware is based on Synaptics' older generation profile sensing technology rather than its newer image sensing panel. Either way, the new software update makes the Cr-48 a lot less frustrating to navigate. Google's also rolled in some new power optimizations, screen indicators, and GChat improvements -- go on and try it out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.