Star Trek Online unveils plans for future improvements

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|03.04.11

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Star Trek Online unveils plans for future improvements
The problem of dealing with a universe as expansive as the one in Star Trek Online is the simple reality of fitting more than 30 years of fiction into a single game. Still, as the latest Ask Cryptic demonstrates, the development team is trying to fit everything possible into the game, from a wider variety of pets to the whale probe from Star Trek IV. The latest batch of player-generated questions runs the gamut as usual, discussing everything from non-featured episode content to the possibility of expanded PvP arenas, and as usual Dan Stahl is on hand to give players some idea of what's coming.

Among the more interesting news is how close the Foundry system is to implementation, with the current plan to release it not too long after the current featured series wraps up next week. Revised ship interiors are also potentially on the to-do list, as well as the promise of "storing" unneeded officers on a fleet-run starbase. Star Trek Online players have a number of things to look forward to with the latest round of questions, even if the answers are admittedly vague about a precise timetable.
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