Canon's Rebel T3i / 600D reviewed: not exactly a compelling upgrade

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.07.11

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Canon's Rebel T3i / 600D reviewed: not exactly a compelling upgrade
Shocker of shockers -- the T3i really isn't a monumental upgrade from the T2i that came before it. Granted, you could probably glean as much from the raw specifications list, but at least we've got a handful of reviews now to confirm it. The folks at Camera Gear Guide have a fairly exhaustive critique up, and while they lauded the overall image quality and the addition of the new video features (a digital in-shoot zoom and a swiveling LCD), they couldn't wholeheartedly recommend it as an upgrade for existing T1i and T2i owners. Even for newcomers to the mid-range DSLR game, Canon's own 60D seems infinitely more compelling at just $100 more, and it's also hard to ignore Sony's SLT-A55 for $50 less than what the T3i is retailing for. That's not to say the T3i wasn't impressive; quite the opposite, in fact. But it seems as if you'll need to seriously survey the competition before deciding that this one's worth your hard-earned Benjamins. Hit the source link for the full skinny, and hop on past the break for a preview video.

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