Darkfall's development history detailed in lengthy blog post

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|03.08.11

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Darkfall's development history detailed in lengthy blog post
Sandbox MMOs attract a certain type of player. They also attract a certain type of developer, and one such former Darkfall programmer has penned a lengthy retrospective piece examining the history of the fantasy title from 1997 to the present. Yes, we said 1997, as that's when Darkfall was originally conceived.

Ricki Sickenger writes about everything from the bursting of the dot com bubble (which affected Darkfall's investor relations during the Razorwax days) to a 1999 issue of Game Developer Magazine -- and a John Carmack quote -- that inspired Darkfall's devs and prompted them to use Java for the game's logic.

Sickenger's blog post is technically oriented, and non-programmers may experience a bit of glassy-eyed indifference when he goes into the details of the team's unique approach to Java and C++, but it's nonetheless a fascinating report from the front lines of one of the more successful indie MMORPGs in recent memory.
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