Mega64 and Yu Suzuki reveal Shenmue's conclusion at last

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JC Fletcher
March 7th, 2011
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Mega64 and Yu Suzuki reveal Shenmue's conclusion at last
During his GDC panel, Yu Suzuki dropped the world-changing news that he might possibly, maybe, be able to make a third Shenmue game, if he can find the money. But in case this rock-solid guarantee doesn't go through, Mega64 cornered Suzuki and asked him to outline the end of the story, in order to provide us the closure we've craved since 2001.

We don't want to spoil the ending of Ryo Hazuki's saga ourselves, so we'll just tell you to go past the break and let Suzuki tell the story of the vengeance-obsessed teen's trans-Pacific ride on a levitating sword, with live-action performances of key scenes by Mega64 and a special guest. Perhaps we've already said too much. It'll be entirely our fault if the story lacks dramatic impact.

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