Veho's Mimi all-in-one HTPC controller attempts to be a gamepad, looks overwhelming

So you've done it. You've bought a top-of-the line computer and turned your once-scary basement into the home theater of your dreams. But, since the HTPC is well, a computer, you're probably still using the age-old mouse and keyboard combo. Veho, a company that once claimed to have the world's smallest camcorder, recently announced a device called the "Mimi wifi Keyboard & Air Mouse with game controller." A long name indeed, but suitable considering the number of buttons found on this Xbox 360 gamepad lookalike. It's got everything you'd expect in an all-in-one computer-controlling unit -- including a motion sensor to control the mouse, separate buttons for left- and right-clicking and a range of around 33 feet. The controller is compatible with both Windows and Mac via a USB dongle, but the customizable buttons will only work on a Microsoft machine. If you're ready to take computing and gaming, along with your dignity, to a whole new level, hit up the source link to drop around 150 bones (£90) for this hybrid gadget.