Konect USB watch concept is awe-inspiring, hard to tell time on (video)

We've seen some pretty interesting and insanely unique watches in our time, and just when we thought we'd seen it all, artist Olivier Demange whips up this timepiece concept -- dubbed Konect -- that packs a wide range of features and looks futuristic while doing so. Embedded in this Tron-esque gadget watch is a Bluetooth radio that'll act as a receiver -- yes, you can finally fulfill your lifelong dream of using your watch to communicate (only if you've strapped a paired BT headset to your skull). You'll also find proper controls for music playback, a button to answer and end calls, a removable USB stick, and well, a way to tell the time. Judging by the renders, we'd say finding out when it is might take more than a second or two, but you can be sure that we hope to see this thing on our wrists sometime. Check out the concept in video form below the fold -- and yes, we know, House!