Acer touch pad / Media Center remote surfaces at the FCC

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Acer touch pad /  Media Center remote surfaces at the FCC
We've already seen Acer include a sleek little touch pad / remote with its Revo 100 in the UK, and it looks like one could also be coming to the US, as a similar device known only as the RMTP-S1Q has now passed through the FCC. Like the one we've seen previously, this device can be used as a multitouch trackpad to control your Media Center PC or, at the press of a button, be turned into a standard remote complete with illuminated capacitive controls. Of course, this being the FCC, there isn't any indication of an actual release, and the user manual included with the filing is actually from a company called Suyin Connector, so it would seem to be a rebadge job -- though there is a big Acer logo on the back of the device itself.
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