Apple TV software update adds NBA League Pass, and Netflix 5.1 audio support

It didn't make it into the iOS 4.3 update notes, but second generation Apple TV owners are experiencing several new capabilities today including the ability to stream baseball and basketball games via NBA League Pass Broadband or and support for 5.1 audio on Netflix Watch Instantly. The Apple TV isn't the first device to bring these in front of the TV (the PS3 says hello, while Roku is still enjoying a decent lead in sports) but if it's the box hooked up to your flat screen already we see no reason to quibble -- if you're not seeing the 4.2 update yet, try hooking the lil' hockey puck to your computer via USB and letting iTunes do the work. NFL Sunday Ticket access is still the big fish no one has managed to land yet when it comes to sports in a post-cable cutting world, but we'll wait to find out if there will even be a 2011 season before expecting any word on that.