EVE introduces "Hours for PLEX" reactivation scheme

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EVE introduces "Hours for PLEX" reactivation scheme
In today's subscription MMO market, EVE Online is in the unique position of allowing players to pay for their game time with in-game currency. To help cash-poor players afford a subscription and to aid in CCP's ongoing war against RMT, the company introduced the 30 day Pilot's License EXtension (PLEX).

Cash-rich players who want a little extra in-game ISK would ordinarily be tempted to buy from illicit sources that rely on destructive botting and hacking practices to obtain their currency. Instead of putting themselves at risk of being keylogged, banned or just outright ripped off, players can buy 60-day game time codes and convert each of them into two in-game pilot's licenses to sell on the in-game market. ISK-rich players can then buy those licenses from the in-game market and activate them to add 30 days of game time to their accounts. If an account is expired but has the funds to buy a PLEX, players can even ask for a temporary reactivation so that they can buy one and apply it to the account.

Until now, reactivations have had to be processed manually, with players filing an in-game petition through the EVE website. In a devblog yesterday, GM Grimmi of CCP announced that a new automated reactivation scheme will give players access to the game for four hours to purchase PLEX and apply them to their accounts. In addition to reducing GM workload, this scheme will allow people who have previously quit the game to temporarily reactivate their accounts and attempt to pull together enough ISK for 30 days of essentially free game time. The service has been temporarily taken offline to resolve a conflict with the current CSM voting procedure, but once it's back online it will be accessible through the account management page on the EVE website.
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