YikeBike extender battery backpack keeps you riding in, um, style for six more miles

Okay, so you'll probably still look like a circus bear on a penny-farthing when you hop on the YikeBike, but with the introduction of the new extender battery backpack, you won't have to stop every six miles to juice up. You heard right, this otherwise inconspicuous knapsack is actually packing a second YikeBike battery, which can be hooked up directly to the collapsible bicycle to keep you riding for another six miles -- and if you like riding high on a tiny bike for long distances, it's got room for more than one. So go crazy, pack this thing full of batteries and hit the road, but if your keister starts smartin', don't say we didn't warn you. You can get your YikeBike juice on for $229 at the source link below.