YikeBike foldable electric bicycle hands-on

The Honda U3-X might look all futuristic and highly portable, but it doesn't pack much speed -- probably for the sake of stability. The Segway? Far too bulky, plus it's so yesterday (sorry, Woz). This brings us to the YikeBike -- a bizarre-looking foldable electric bicycle that was announced back in September. Since then this mini whizzer's been given a slight bump to its top speed (now 25km/h or 15.5mph) and range (10km; 40-minute charge time), while weighing just 22 pounds thanks to its carbon fiber composite frame. Once you've folded the bike up, you can even wear it using the supplied shoulder strap to go on the bus or subway.

During our hands-on, we started off with a bit of a wobble while adjusting to the backward handles, but five minutes later we learned to ignore the conventional cycling posture and leaned slightly further back, plus we got the right grip for the throttle (right) and brake (left). We also found the indicator, front light and horn buttons to be easily accessible by our thumbs. As you will see in the video after the break, we were traveling at fairly high speeds towards the end. The only problem that couldn't be fixed was our legs being a tad short for the pedals, but word has it that YikeBike's planning on releasing a smaller model in the near future. Living in Europe and carrying £2,995 / €3,495 / $4,659 with you? Feel free to pre-order now for a June delivery -- just in time for the summer breeze.%Gallery-89989%