Google ships last Cr-48 laptop 'for now,' partner Chrome OS devices still on track for summer

The very same gentleman that introduced us to Google's Cr-48 laptop, Product Management VP Sundar Pichai, has disclosed the unfortunate news that Google has shipped the last of them, at least "for now." The next opportunity to catch a ticket to ride the Chrome OS bandwagon will come in the middle of this year, as promised, with devices from Acer and Samsung coming to market. Rumor had it that Google received about 60,000 Cr-48s from ODM Inventec back in December, though whatever the number of manufactured units was, the fact is that it's now been fully depleted. We'd urge Google's partners not to stray too far away from the Cr-48 template in the summer -- we're huge fans of its minimalist good looks, even if the OS itself could do with a few more layers of spit, polish and features.