Hard Corps Uprising DLC adds one more soldier to the Corps

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Hard Corps Uprising DLC adds one more soldier to the Corps
The "Leviathan" DLC is now available for the Xbox Live Arcade version of Hard Corps: Uprising, Konami's downloadable run-and-gun whose similarity to Contra is total coincidence, we're sure. The DLC isn't available on PlayStation Network yet because ... the game won't be available on PSN until tomorrow.

The 200-point ($2.50) add-on introduces Leviathan, a playable character that has only one weapon slot, but compensates with a back-flip grenade throw move and sliding attack. Two previous DLC characters, Harley and Sayuri, are also available for purchase on the Xbox Marketplace.%Gallery-119029%
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KONAMI Reveals Additional DLC for Hard Corps: Uprising

KONAMI today announced additional DLC for Hard Corps: Uprising. Aside from the first two characters that were available at launch, players can now play as Leviathan, one of Bahamut's chief rivals in the Empire's Army. Previously bitter rivals, players can now play with all characters as they fight side by side against the rebellion together. While Leviathan only has one weapon slot, his Moonsault (backflip) Grenade Throws and Sliding Attack make him a great character to play with.
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