Second RuneScape novel "Return to Canifis" to be released this month

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Second RuneScape novel "Return to Canifis" to be released this month
In August of last year, Titan Books announced the beginning of a new series of novels set in the lands of free-to-play fantasy MMO RuneScape. The first novel, Betrayal at Falador, told a vivid tale from RuneScape's backstory using key characters from the game's lore and in-game quests. The book was well-received by both RuneScape veterans and new players just looking for a good read. Our own RuneScape novice Rubi Bayer had a blast reading the novel and being absorbed in the backstory of this popular browser MMO.

Fans of the first novel will be pleased to hear that its sequel, Return to Canifis, is due for release this month. The book will be in stores in the U.S. and Canada on March 22nd, with the UK release following on March 25th. Whereas the first book introduced the lore surrounding Falador, Return to Canafis takes the story to the city of Varrock. The citizens of Varrock are being stolen away to Morytania, the land of vampires, and the king sends an expedition to Canafis to get to the bottom of it. Stay tuned to Massively's RuneScape coverage this week for our in-depth review of the novel.
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