HDMwIn adds full HDMI mirroring to your (rooted) EVO 4G

As fantastic a phone as the EVO 4G has proven itself to be, it's got a weak spot: out of the box, its HDMI-out capability only works for video playback -- you can't view stills or play games, which are pretty obvious applications for a phone plugged into a big screen. Well, as usual, the Android hacking community has come to the rescue: meet TeamWin's HDMwIn tool, which adds full HDMI mirroring -- anything you see on your phone, you can see on your boob tube. The hack requires both root and a custom kernel to function correctly; CyanogenMod veterans will feel right at home, but hacking newbies and the faint of heart might want to enlist a more experienced buddy to get this action going. And, of course, it's all at your own risk -- but playing Super Mario World on a 42-inch display without an SNES in sight is worth the trouble, isn't it?

[Thanks, Ian]